Dianabol is the one and only steroid ever developed for the sole purpose of cheating and for performance enhancement. This is no joke. The history is very political and athletic at the same time, and is almost laughable.

It seemed that during the latter part of the 1940’s and throughout half of the 1950’s the Russians were winning an undue number of gold medals in the Olympics and other international competitions. The United State government discovered their not-so-secret ‘secret’. The Russians were giving their athletes testosterone injections. Even the females were taking it. So the United States responded by secretly asking a laboratory to develop an anabolic steroid hormone that could be used orally without injections.

The laboratory developed Dianabol pills. It was a powerful oral steroid that all the athletes took, and the United States began to win in running, swimming, weight lifting, and other track and field events. That is where this powerful anabolic steroid came from.

It is by far the favorite steroid of a number of athletes, and always has been. It is the steroid that gave us the modern, new age of performance enhancement, and the government was behind its development and use.

With Dianabol, an athlete can gain as much as 20 pounds of muscle mass in just a few weeks. By the word, ‘few’ we mean two or three weeks. That is the equivalent of gaining a pound of muscle a day. This is the reason that so many athletes buy Dianabol. – Buy Dianabol Pills Today | Dbol For Sale 2018

Not all of them use it for gaining muscle mass. In fact, it would be a good guess that most of them use it for performance enhancement and gaining strength, rather than muscle mass. Nonetheless they know where to find Dianabol for sale, usually at a friend’s place, or sometimes they even buy Dianabol online.

Dbol UK will enlarge male breasts (gynecomastia) if taken too much. The way to combat this is to take an anti-estrogen steroid, or cease use of the steroid itself. This is what to do with the attendant water retention as well.

Acne is a problem. To avoid that, watch the diet. No greasy foods, oils, potato chips, and sugars allowed. Forget those hamburgers and fries for lunch; have a lean steak instead. Hair loss is a problem with those with a genetic disposition to male pattern baldness. Cessation of the steroid handles that, along with the problems with cholesterol.

This steroid can cause high levels of LDL (the bad cholesterol). It will lower levels of HDL (the good cholesterol). This can be handled partially by diet. Do not eat fatty foods. Do not eat that hamburger and fries mentioned in the paragraph above. Take some Omega fatty acids that will raise the levels of good cholesterol.

There is a problem with the liver, only if you decide to take an over the counter medication. Never take those with this, or any other steroid. It will hurt your liver eventually. And, do not drink alcohol, or if you must, just have a little. It will hurt your liver if you drink a lot of alcohol with this steroid.

Never over dose on steroids. Be safe.